The Rollup Coaster #23

The Rollup Coaster is a bi-weekly newsletter that dives into the fascinating world of Ethereum, exploring the latest in rollups, zero-knowledge proofs, MEV-PBS, and much more.

This edition is written by Taiko’s Community Advocate Jünger.

Hold on tight! 🎢

Disclaimer: This newsletter is neither financial advice, nor is indicative of Taiko’s position on any of the material presented. Please do your own research.

Highlights 🎢

  • Vitalik discussed the enhancement of Ethereum staking decentralization through the introduction of more anti-correlation incentives. The proposal aims to penalize correlated failures among validators to incentivize decentralization by reducing the advantage that large stakers have over smaller ones.

  • Vitalik also discussed the activation of the Dencun, also known as blobs. Blobs are now cheaper than calldata, marking a crucial milestone in Ethereum's scaling efforts. This transition signifies a shift from a "zero-to-one" scaling problem to a "one-to-N" challenge, requiring ongoing work to enhance blob count and optimize rollups' utilization of each blob. Additionally, the discussion includes the implementation of EIP-7623 to set limits on block sizes and enhance safety in increasing blob targets and the L1 gas limit.

ZK and rollup research 🧙

  • Aztec discussed based rollup in the context of reducing block time in a new post.

  • paper has been published that examines accumulation schemes built only from hash functions.

  • Lagrange published Reckle Trees paper. Reckle is a new vector commitment based on succinct recursive arguments and Merkle trees.

  • Ingonyama described a new game mechanic enabled by ZK and MPC in the blog post, Cryptographic Fog of War.

  • Alex discussed the ZK proofs in the context of blockchain scalability on The Block Podcast episode.

  • Ingonyama announced the Aleo IP Core, a privacy-focused L1 with a consensus mechanism based on KZG puzzles. It incentivizes efficient provers to solve ZK coinbase puzzles, promoting demand for ZK proofs.

ZK and rollup updates 🗞️

  • Gevulot devnet is live. It is possible to test the network by running Taiko’s open-source prover.

  • Optimism enabled fraud proofs on Sepolia testnet.

  • Citrea published Clementine, a trust-minimized two-way peg program.

  • Blobs announcement from Scroll.

  • Starknet’s block size is getting bigger.

  • RiscZero shared zkVM’s roadmap.

MEV/PBS/staking research and updates 🔍

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