Taiko Community Update #3

Taiko Community Update #3 has arrived 🥁

We do these to provide transparency into the progress we’ve made since our last community update. These updates represent our most recent two-week work iteration.

Team wide ✨


  • Added tests for math gadgets.

  • Adding support for skipping over invalid transactions in the circuits.

  • Reviewing and refactoring the Merkle Patricia Tree circuit.

  • Investigating alternative proving systems.

Protocol 🧑‍🔬

  • Simplified the protocol contract documentation.

  • Various small improvements and optimizations.

Node 🌐

  • Enable p2p blocks fast synchronization among L2 nodes.

  • Added the ability to enable prover allowlisting for the testnet.

Bridge 🌉

  • Worked on the bridge deployment.

  • Connecting the bridge UI with the relayer.

  • Improved bridge UI, including mobile responsiveness.

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Thank you 🙏

Big thanks to all our community members and contributors. ❤️

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