Taiko Community Update #2

Hey everyone 👋, we want to update you on the progress we’ve made since our last community update.


Node & Client

  • Deployed a Grafana dashboard to monitor our own testnet nodes / services.

  • Deployed HIVE for the L2 nodes / services integration tests.


  • Published the initial tokenomics proposal (in review), which can be viewed at the latest whitepaper.

  • Reduced commitBlock gas cost (in review).


  • Made progress on the bridge relayer and bridge UI.

  • Moved stack from React to Svelte + Tailwind + daisyUI.

  • Improved bridge documentation.


  • Miscellaneous contributions to the community ZK-EVM project such as a RETURENDATACOPY opcode implementation and circuit benchmarks.

  • Ongoing investigation into newer proving systems (HyperPlonk, FRI based solutions) and circuit optimizations (non-native field arithmetic).


  • Open sourced taiko-mono with contributing guide.

  • Added code coverage calculations and badges for our projects.

  • Fleshed out requirements and design for the testnet launch.

  • Published the Taiko jobs page.

  • Updated all link handles to point to taikoxyz instead of taikochain.



Talked about Layer 2 Finality at the IOSG conference in Lisbon.


Added a new moderator, welcome ex_sxcr!


  • Updated taiko.xyz with some good ‘getting started’ materials and a Talks section.

  • Moved all presentations from Google slides to HackMD, and added them to Talks.


  • Published an internal presentation from Daniel to new engineers at Taiko, explaining the Taiko protocol — this can be viewed on our new YouTube channel.

  • Published a blog post on The Type 1 ZK-EVM.


  • Progress on GitPOAP for contributors has been made, you can look forward to that soon!

  • Added contributors section to the taiko-mono README.

  • Added issue templates so you can now easily report bugs and request features (will be recognized on our README and eligible for a GitPOAP).

Thank you

As a decentralized and open source project, we’d like to thank those who have helped out in our community to improve Taiko.

  • HV for creating a blog post: What is Taiko? For Beginners

  • ex_sxcr for joining as a moderator and helping answer questions + provide clarity.

  • qukuaizhao for the good vibes in Discord ❤️.

  • Everyone else on the Discord helping to answer questions and promote learning about Ethereum and Taiko.

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