Introducing Trailblazers: Explore Taiko and get rewarded


We’ve allocated 10% of the total TAIKO supply toward the Trailblazer Program. This is for our users who participate in on-chain activities on Taiko Mainnet to share from obtaining Experience Points (XP). The more you explore Taiko, the more XP you get. Collect XP to level up; the higher your level at the end of each season, the more rewards you will be eligible for.

  • Special Boosts:

    • Alpha-1 NFT holders get a 1.1x XP boost for the duration of the program.

    • Taikoons holders get a 2x XP boost for the duration of the program.

    • Faction Badge holders can get up to 2.14x XP boost for the duration of the program

    • Galxe participants get XP bonuses based on their Galxe points for the first season

    • All NFTs stack to up to a 3x XP multiplier

  • Activities: Engage in a variety of activities like bridging, transaction volumes, and proposing blocks. More activities to come in the future.

  • Special Events: Timed events offer one-off bonuses.

  • Factions and Movements:* Collect all factions and choose between two movements, Based or Boosted, competing for collective XP and rewards.

  • Ranking System: Levels range from Beginner to Densetsu - the highest achievement for the most dedicated users.

  • Faction Badges: Collect badges for XP multipliers and unique benefits.

  • Dev call: If you’re a dApp developer, we want you as well! We saved some rewards for our top-performing applications!

If you want to learn more about the program, continue reading below.


Tapping into a new ecosystem can be challenging and overwhelming, but also interesting and rewarding. This is why we created the Trailblazers  – a loyalty program for everyone to learn and get rewarded just for exploring every corner of our ecosystem and completing different on-chain activities. This is why we’ve dedicated 10% of the total TAIKO token supply. We believe that everyone should explore our ecosystem and everyone should be a part of our future, that’s why we want to reward everyone who makes steps into Taiko, no matter how big or small they are.

If you are a seasoned veteran in the crypto space, a web wizard, a code demon, or a newbie who’s interested in Taiko, we invite you to become a part of this story because this program is for everyone!

How does this work?

Users who partake in on-chain activities on Taiko will be able to transform everyday interactions into exciting opportunities. As you navigate the vibrant Taiko ecosystem, your efforts will be converted into Experience Points (XP) – the more you interact with different activities on our Mainnet, the more XP you will get which will allow you to level up and earn more rewards!

One more thing:

The alpha-1 (Snæfellsjökull) NFT hodlers will get an additional 1.1x XP boost for the duration of the program!

Actually, three more things:

  1. Taikoons hodlers will get a 2x XP boost for the duration of the program!

  2. Faction Badge hodlers can get up to 2.14x XP multiplier for holding all Faction badges

  3. Galxe participants will also get juicy XP bonuses for the first season Their points will be converted to Trailblazers XP, which means that the top Galxe participants can get up to 3 levels worth of XP!

This is our way of saying “thank you” to everyone who has been a part of our journey, especially from the beginning. Every contribution you made, no matter how small is noted and appreciated, we wouldn’t be able to be here without you.

With Trailblazers, we aim to onboard even more people into our ecosystem in an interactive way, where everything you do is tracked and rewarded. Just explore Taiko in your own way, at your own pace, and that’s it. Unless you get competitive; to learn more about that, continue reading!

The activities that contribute to your level progression are diverse and engaging. For example, bridging, contributing to the total transaction volume of the chain, simply using gas for any transaction, or proposing Taiko blocks. As the Taiko ecosystem grows daily, our users will be able to tap into even more activities such as playing games, borrowing & lending, and many more! These varied activities ensure that every user can find their niche and contribute in their unique way.

Each season, everyone’s XP will be reset, but users from the previous season will gain a small bonus (potentially a percent) of their previous season’s XP.

Additionally, Taiko will host special timed events that offer significant one-off bonuses, adding an element of surprise to your journey. Stay alert and seize these opportunities to maximize your rewards and climb the ranks faster!

In order to spice it up (even more!), we implemented a level-up, ranking system, Factions and two Movements – Based and Boosted – where both of these Movements compete against each other. Choose the Movement you best align with and show us that your Movement will prove victorious!

Leveling System

While exploring our ecosystem, you will get Experience Points (XP). Just like when you play a game and get experience to level up a character, in this case, you will level up your profile. As you collect XP you will begin to ascend the following ranks:

LVL 0 - Beginner

LVL 1 - Initiate

LVL 2 - Senshi I

LVL 3 - Senshi II

LVL 4 - Samurai I

LVL 5 - Samurai II

LVL 6 - Sensei I

LVL 7 - Sensei II

LVL 8 - Taichou I

LVL 9 - Taichou II

LVL 10 - Shogun I

LVL 11 - Shogun II

LVL 12 - Hashira

LVL 13 - Kodai

LVL 14 - Densetsu

And the Legend — the crème de la crème status, achieved only by those who are the most dedicated, the most competitive and the most persistent in exploring our Mainnet.This is not just a rank, this is an astonishing achievement making clear to everyone that you explored every button, every bit, every corner, every pebble in our ecosystem. BUT - if you think this is game over for you, rest assured, it is not, because those who reach this level will earn our recognition and extra rewards to accommodate that.


The Trailblazers Program introduces an exciting new dimension to the Taiko universe, designed to foster a strong community and add an extra layer of immersive experience. Within this dynamic world, you’ll find eight distinct factions, each with its own unique character and flair. These factions — Ravers, Robots, Bouncers, Masters, Monks, Drummers, Androids and Shinto — represent the diverse and vibrant culture of Taiko.

On your Trailblazers journey, you will come across our exclusive Faction Badges (NFTs). These badges are more than just digital collectibles; they are symbols of your dedication and achievements within the Taiko community.

However, the opportunity to get them is fleeting. Once the trail window closes, the chance to claim that faction badge vanishes forever, making these badges rare and highly sought after. If you miss out, your only option will be to acquire them on the NFT Marketplace sold by the community members who managed to get to them. This scarcity adds a layer of excitement and competition, pushing you to participate actively and consistently.

Will you be agile enough to acquire all of them on your own or will some slip through your hands?

Rewards and Utility

Holding a faction badge is a gateway to a plethora of benefits that go beyond mere recognition. These badges act as powerful boosters in the Trailblazers Program. Each badge comes with specific XP multipliers that enhance your score for different engagements on our Mainnet, amplifying your efforts and accelerating your progress.

For instance, if you hold a certain faction badge, your score for bridging assets will receive a 1.1x multiplier, and up to a 2.14x overall boost if you hold every faction badge, significantly increasing your overall XP and giving you a competitive edge. This system ensures that participating in different activities, exploring every corner of our ecosystem, and collecting each faction badge aligns with your desired path in contributing to Taiko.

Each faction badge brings benefits to each of our programs and it equips you with the necessary gear to battle the other Movement. This brings more diversity and fun in the battle of Movements, while also providing a learning experience for newcomers.

All of the NFT multipliers will stack, but the total multiplier will be capped at 3x. You will see the points you earn in real time multiplied by the corresponding NFT multiplier, but the final calculation of your points will be done at the end of the season, so we can snapshot which NFTs are in which wallets. This means that if you transfer an NFT that gives you a bonus you will also see your points be reduced as a result.

Based vs Boosted Movement

The Trailblazers Program also introduces an intriguing choice: will you align with the Based Movement or the Boosted Movement? This decision isn’t just a matter of preference; it’s a strategic choice that will shape your journey and influence your rewards.

All users within each Movement will aggregate their points, working together to achieve a collective score. The Movement that has the most competitive, the most cooperative, and the most persistent individuals will gather the highest total XP at the end of the Program and emerge victorious.

It goes without saying that the efforts for this collective achievement are rewarded! The winning team will receive additional rewards, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose. This competitive aspect adds another layer of depth to the program, encouraging strategic alliances, individual strategies, coordination, and active participation.

For Devs

Taiko wouldn’t have gotten this far without the amazing support from the dev community and projects that chose to build on our network. To honor your dedication and commitment, we are setting aside a portion of rewards for you. If you are building on Taiko, make sure to join the Trailblazers program as a dev/dApp because we will reward our best performers!

Answer the Call

The launch is here! Anticipation and excitement are building! Prepare yourself to embark on an epic Trailblazers journey where you will play a pivotal role in shaping Taiko. Whether you choose to become a part of the Based or Boosted Movement, keep in mind that everyone is getting a chance to become not just a part of the Trailblazers, but also a part of Taiko’s future.

Familiarize yourself with the Trailblazers Program and immerse yourself in the new chapter of Web3, as we progress through the program, the knowledge you gather will be crucial to leading your Movement to victory.

Your journey is about to begin, and the possibilities are endless. Are you ready and prepared to embrace the rhythm of Taiko?

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