TAIKO airdrop claim is open!

The day has come: Phase 1 of the TAIKO token airdrop is now open to claiming! 🥳In total, 5% of the initial TAIKO supply, or around 50 million tokens, can now be claimed by eligible users.

Eligible users include:

  • Taiko proposers and provers.

  • Taiko bridgooors.

  • Taiko users (Galxe points also included).

  • Taiko developers.

  • GitHub contributors.

  • Loopring community members.

Please bear in mind that while these are the included categories of users, the activities are weighted and are associated with a score. If you reach a minimum score based on your activities and contributions, you are eligible.

How to claim your TAIKO airdrop

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to claim your TAIKO airdrop tokens.

  1. Bridge over some ETH to Taiko. You will need ETH to pay for the minimal gas fees to claim your TAIKO tokens. You can use Taiko’s official bridge or any other ecosystem bridge.

  2. Go to https://claim.taiko.xyz and connect your wallet.

  3. Click on “Claim now”. If you’re eligible, click on “Review TAIKO amount” and then “Claim TAIKO”.

  4. Sign the message on your wallet and pay the minimal gas fees.

  5. Add the TAIKO token to your wallet by clicking on “Add to wallet”.

Claim window: June 5, 2024 to July 5, 2024.

Note: Only use the official Taiko airdrop claim page: https://claim.taiko.xyz.

In case you have any questions about the TAIKO token, find the FAQ section on the claim page or join our Discord server.

What’s next?

If you didn’t qualify for the Phase 1 TAIKO airdrop, don’t fret! Our upcoming Trailblazers program has 10% of the total TAIKO supply allocated to it. Taiko users will be rewarded for daily activities across the entire Taiko ecosystem.

Read more about the Trailblazers program here.

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