Taiko Proposing and Proving Becomes Fully Permissionless

We’re excited to announce that proposing and proving on the Taiko network are now permissionless, making Taiko the first ever rollup to have these features!

Now, anyone around the world can permissionlessly set up a Taiko node and prover without any third-party or centralized intermediaries, bringing Taiko one step closer to full decentralization. Users can participate in the Taiko network with our recently-launched native token, TAIKO (available on most centralized and decentralized exchanges), and earn rewards for doing so.

To learn more about how to run a proposer and prover on the Taiko network, please check out our documentation.

The ultimate based rollup

The term “based rollup” first appeared in a research post by Justin Drake, where he writes that a rollup is said to be based, or L1-sequenced, when its sequencing is driven by the base L1. The next L1 proposer may, in collaboration with L1 searchers and builders, trustlessly include the next rollup block as part of the next L1 block.

In other words, this means there are no centralized sequencers deciding the order of blocks or transactions. Anyone can propose any rollup block at any rollup time, ensuring full decentralization.

Taiko’s approach to multi-proofs

Taiko’s upcoming multi-prover approach aims to reduce the risk of bugs and vulnerabilities in proving systems, architectures and implementations. Thus, even if one proof is broken, other proofs will reduce the risk of the exact same vulnerability being exploited.

The multi-prover approach can be implemented using different types of proofs (e.g. validity proofs and fraud proofs), different proving systems (e.g. SNARKs and STARKs), and different implementations by different teams. Check out our detailed breakdown here.

Note: Bootstrapping a permissionless network, whether it be as a proposer or prover, takes time. With this announcement, we welcome network participants to help us test and use our decentralized network.

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