The Rollup Coaster #21

The Rollup Coaster is a bi-weekly newsletter that dives into the fascinating world of Ethereum, exploring the latest in rollups, zero-knowledge proofs, MEV-PBS, and much more.

This edition is written by Taiko’s Community Advocate Jünger.

Hold on tight! 🎢

Disclaimer: This newsletter is neither financial advice, nor is indicative of Taiko’s position on any of the material presented. Please do your own research.

Highlights 🎢

  • Dencun will activate on the Ethereum mainnet at epoch 269568 on March 13, 2024 at 13:55 UTC.

  • Economic security flippening! Ethereum is presently secured with $105B.

ZK and rollup research 🧙

  • Starkware and Polygon announce a new mathematical approach to improve the performance of STARKs: Circle STARK. Using elliptic curves and special primes, this approach can process data points faster and more efficiently, offering significant improvements, especially for architectures processing large-scale data sets.

  • Stwo: Circle-STARK-based prover announced by Starkware.

  • Computer systems split into two categories: those that can run DOOM, and those that can’t. RISC Zero’s zkVM has joined the pantheon of systems that can run DOOM. A fun project by the RISC Zero team.

  • Kakarot, a Cairo-based zkEVM, published a blog post describing its vision and technical details.

  • Nethermind published a detailed paper comparing zkSync and Starknet in terms of on-chain proof verification, compression efficiency, L2 fees, user operation distributions, etc.

  • SNARK implementations are not mature yet. The new paper revealed the potential vulnerabilites in SNARKs. “SoK: What don’t we know? Understanding Security Vulnerabilities in SNARKs”

  • A new Zero Knowledge Podcast episode is out. In this episode, with Ingonyama, ZK hardware was discussed.

  • Remainder: A new ZKML prover announced by Modulus Labs.

ZK and rollup updates 🗞️

  • Succinct Labs announced SP1 Reth.

  • Polygon released an update to their zkEVM with ROM optimization.

  • Avail Nexus: A ZK-Rollup Built for cross-rollup and cross-ecosystem settlement.

  • Reducing operation cost on Optimism.

MEV/PBS/staking research and updates 🔍

Education and events 🎫

  • Learn & Share schedule for March and April. Don't miss these tutorials where many cryptography papers can be discussed in an educational way.

  • PSE announced Acceleration Program for ZK, MPC, and FHE ideas.

  • The Ethereum Foundation is sponsoring a 4844 data analysis and visualization blog post. Check it out.

  • EVM From Stratch.

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