Announcing Trailblazers: Call of Taiko

Welcome to Neo Nakuza: The Dawn of the Based Revolution

As the neon lights flicker in the dense fog of Neo Nakuza, the distant sound of Taiko Radio cuts through the night, a beacon for the city’s awake and aware.

“Neo Nakuza — Radio Taiko is calling,” announces DJ Hanzo, the enigmatic voice of Taiko Radio. In the heart of this digital metropolis, a new era pulses to life.

We are thrilled to unveil Trailblazers: Call of Taiko, a campaign designed not just to herald this new era but to immerse you in its rhythm, culminating in the exciting mainnet launch.

A city alive with sound and challenge

Neo Nakuza is a city of contrasts and conflicts. As the Based movement grows, so does the tension with the conservative forces of the old order, embodied by the robotic Bouncers who seek to silence the vibrant new beats.

But the city’s factions — Ravers, Drummers, Monks, and more — are not just spectators — they are participants, each playing their part in this dance of innovation. Each faction tells a part of Neo-Nakuza’s story that will unfold over the next few weeks.

Exclusive rewards: Forge your legacy with Taiko Factions

Taiko Factions.
Taiko Factions.

Participate in the pre-mainnet challenge to earn an exclusive action badge from the Taiko Factions. This badge is more than a collectible; it grants exclusive rewards in our Trailblazers points program, enhancing your status within the community.

Trailblazers explained: The competitive edge

Trailblazers is a leaderboard challenge where participants compete in various tasks to earn points. These points determine your rank and influence within the Taiko ecosystem, offering additional rewards and recognition.

As we prepare for the mainnet launch with Trailblazers: Call of Taiko, know that this is just the beginning. After mainnet, we will continue our adventure — Trailblazers: Call of Taiko Weekly Campaigns. Each week we will unveil a new trail, crafted to challenge your skills, explore diverse themes, and reward your dedication to the Call of Taiko.

Join the movement: How to pinkify your PFP

Ready to dive into the vibrant world of Neo Nakuza and make your mark? Here’s how you can join the revolution, pinkify your PFP, and reap exclusive rewards:

  • Connect on X: Start by connecting your X account to our campaign on the official campaign page.

  • Spread the word: Share the campaign link to help others discover the vibrant world of Neo Nakuza.

  • Register your wallet: Ensure you’re ready to receive your rewards by registering your wallet on our platform.

Each step you complete brings you closer to earning unique faction badges, enhancing your influence in the Taiko ecosystem, and preparing you for the thrilling mainnet launch!

Community and open source: Our foundation

From the beginning, Taiko has been committed to growth through innovation, with the steadfast support of our community. This journey has been marked by a commitment to transparency and collaboration, as we have remained fully open-source from day one. The feedback and active participation of our community will always be instrumental in the success of our mainnet launch.

Are you ready to answer the call?

Join our Discord to become a part of Neo Nakuza’s legacy. As the city prepares for the mainnet launch and the streets buzz with anticipation, we turn to you — will you answer the Call of Taiko? Join us as we step into the future, together.


How do I participate in the challenges?

Join our Discord community and follow us on social media for all the details.

What are the benefits of the faction badges?

These badges provide rewards in our Trailblazers points program, enhancing your influence within the Taiko ecosystem.

Where can I learn more about the factions?

Detailed descriptions and stories of each faction will be made available on our campaign page as it progresses.

Will I get rewarded?

Participation in the Trailblazers campaign and minting your faction badge on mainnet gives you exclusive rewards.

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